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How functional is your closet? With so many shoes, bags and clothes to choose from it can be difficult to put a whole outfit together in the morning and still make it to work on time. An organized closet can bring you happiness and a sense of relief at finally finding that long-lost dress or jeans. Every item will be within reach and you can easily accessorize your daily work looks with different pieces instead of always wearing the same piece of jewelry or pair of shoes.

If you haven’t spring cleaned your home yet you should add closet organization to your list.

Get rid of unused clothes and accessories: The first step to having an organized closet is to get rid of clothes and accessories you haven’t worn in a long time. These items are occupying useful spaces for your new and daily-wear pieces. Donate them to charity organizations or send them to your relatives back home.

Have a separate section for work clothes: We are all rushing to get ready for work in the morning, searching endlessly for what to wear should be the least of our problems. Have a separate section in your closet where you hang only the clothes and accessories you plan to wear to work that week.

Organize by categories: Identify all the pieces you have and organize them based on categories. Your shirts, pants, blazers, dresses etc should all be organized in different sections of your closet. All blazers should be together, all pants together etc.

Organize by colors: After identifying and organizing by categories, make sure pieces in each category are arranged by colors. If you are looking to top off a look with a black blazer, you will go straight to where all your black blazers are and choose one instead of searching through all the blazers in your closet.

Roll up clothes in drawers: Rolling up clothes in your drawers will not only help you to maximize space but it will also help you to see everything you have. This will also keep your clothes always organized without the mess that’s left behind after pulling out a shirt that was buried underneath many folds.

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