New York Fashion Week 2017 is finally here and the expectations for this season are very high. The show will start on Thursday, February 9th and end on Friday, February 17th. Last year’s exceeded my expectation, every designer brought their A-game and I was happy to see more diversity on the runway compared to previous seasons. I can only imagine this year will be even better.

I have come to familiarize myself with some amazing designers thanks to fashion week event organizers like Small Boutique Fashion Week, Nolcha Shows and Style Fashion Week. Below is my list of top 5 designers you should watch out for on the runway during the New York Fashion Week 2017.


Yuna Yang is from Seoul, South Korea and currently lives in New York City where she designs and makes all her collections. According to her bio, ” she is inspired by the colors, textures and narratives in fine art combined with her love of detail and unique Eastern perspective on Western aesthetics.” I cannot wait to see her fall & winter 2017 collection on the runway on Saturday, February 11th.

New York Fashion Week 2017
Yuna Wang Spring 2017 RTW


Diana is the founder and designer of Chèlbè and will be showcasing her collection at the Nolcha Shows on Monday, February 13th as one of the emerging designers. Being a tall woman (she grew up to 6’1 by the age of 14) she hopes to “provide fashionable and affordable alternatives to mainstream tall women’s wear.”


This brand is founded by two talented women, Jacobi Ellington and Krystale McLaughlin. Their “unique sense of style gives them a boundless platform of creativity and allows them to design outside the box.” They started off making clothes for themselves which people admired and started making requests and inquires for similar pieces. Their vision is “to create trendy yet practical designs for the girl whose style is funky, edgy, classy, and a little sassy.” They will be showing their collection at the Small Boutique Fashion Week on Sunday, February 12th.

JayKay Kouture


Ayobami lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is the creative director at Liberty Bambam Couture, a brand that creates classy and desirable pieces for both men and women. He will showcase his latest collection at the PLITZS New York City Fashion Week on Thursday, February 16th.

New York Fashion Week 2017
Liberty Bambam Couture’s New Me collection. Image by Jenuel

David Tupaz

Filipino designer, David Tupaz is a celebrity favorite on the red carpet. He was trained in New York City and later moved to Los Angeles for a change of environment and the belief that Hollywood dictates fashion in America. His drive to consistently create elegant and stylish haute couture pieces comes from art and culture. “David sees himself not just as a fashion designer but as someone who is passionate about art, culture and history.” I am looking forward to seeing his fall/winter 2017 collection at the Style Fashion Week on Thursday, February 9th.

David Tupaz