Spring is around the corner so, hang in there everyone! Although, it seems like winter isn’t going away without a fight. We had a snowstorm earlier this week that shut almost everything down, and we are expecting another snow today. This weather is definitely messing with us. Few weeks ago all I had on over my outfit was a leather jacket, there was no need for a thick winter jacket because the weather was so nice it felt like spring. Then fast forward to days later I couldn’t get out of the apartment without wearing the thickest jacket I have. Did someone say climate change? Because if it isn’t I don’t know what else it is.

Anyway, enough about the weather, let’s talk about the fashion pieces you will need to effortlessly transition from winter to spring. One thing we all know by now is that the weather around this time of year is very unpredictable so deciding on what to wear can be quite the challenge. To help you decide on what to wear from now until bikini season when the weather is guaranteed to stay hot and you can choose to wear nothing, here are 5 pieces that will make dressing for spring a lot easier.

A light and bright color trench coat will keep you warm on cool spring days

Spring may not be as cold as winter but it still gets chilly so you need something light to keep you warm. And since it’s spring, it’s okay to swap the usual black with something bright like this yellow coat from Nordstrom. This coat is not too thick or heavy, it’s just the right fabric to protect you from the mild cold weather.

Denim jacket

Transitioning from winter to spring calls for lots of layering and one of my favorite layering piece is a good denim jacket. It doesn’t hurt to have lots of layering pieces because only the layering experts can survive this unpredictable weather. There are different styles of denim jackets to choose from depending on your personal style. You can choose to wear an embellished denim jacket like Kanye’s at last year’s Met Gala or you can keep it simple like this one I found on Forever 21 and feel free to go for a more springy color instead of the typical blue.

White shirt

White shirt and jeans are always appropriate for spring! It’s a casual, laid back look you can wear with your favorite sneakers or loafers and be about your business. Instead of a plain white shirt you can opt for one with ruffles. A lot of bloggers were obsessed with this ruffled white shirt from H&M last year and now, you can get it for 60% off the original price.

Cropped pants with ruffles

No more boring cropped pants! Add a bit of drama to your style this spring and wear cropped pants with ruffles. Check out this one from Revolve. It is the same one worn by influential fashion blogger, Camila Coelho during Paris Fashion Week.

Ankle-wrap shoes

According to the spring 2017 runway shows of Altuzarra, Monse and Derek Lam, ankle-wrap, wraparound and lace-up shoes will be hot this spring. If your personal style leans towards following fashion trends then you need this piece in your spring wardrobe. I love this Nine West Genie lace-up sandal from Nordstrom. I didn’t realize how much I love yellow until now.

5 pieces aren’t enough to get you ready for spring but it’s a good start. What other pieces do you have or planning to get for your spring wardrobe? Drop your list in the comment section below.