This week’s style crush is a triple threat! She’s a fashion stylist, blogger consultant and runway show producer. She’s one of the instrumental forces bringing Ghanaian fashion into the global market. Rida is the beauty and brains behind Styled By Rida. She fell in love with fashion by watching her mother’s fashion process, influenced by Ghanaian culture and global fashion, which she never understood until she became a college student. Her mother’s style was classy yet effortless. She adapted elements of her mother’s fashion process to create her own process, which she shares on her blog.

Style Crush Saturday is a weekly series on LME where I feature my favorite fashion lady of the week. My style crush is someone whose personal style gives me butterflies 🙂 Someone whose closet I would love to raid. Someone who knows how to make the most simplest outfit look like a Vogue editorial. This woman is confident, unique and a trendsetter.

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Styled By Rida

Styled By Rida

Style By Rida



Rida has truly mastered the art of African fashion. I love how she mixes African pieces in her regular looks. African fashion is all about the prints, colors and patterns. If you need inspiration on how to incorporate African pieces into your style you should definitely follow Rida’s blog or Instagram.

All photos are from Styled By Rida.

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