I haven’t been consistent with blogging or with my weekly style crush post, and I wish I have a really good excuse except being tired whenever I come back home from work, which you can also interpret as being uninspired. I’ve been mostly focused on cooking (check out my Instagram page for all my drool-worthy food photos) which takes up any energy and time I have left and leaves nothing for blogging. I already have an editorial calendar with juicy posts lined up, I just have to make time to write and publish them. The koko of the matter be say I have to do a very good job with my time management, and I promise to work on that.

Now that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room lets get down to business. Please meet my style crush of the week, Tosin Alexandriah Sho-Silva, the beautiful and incredibly stylish blogger behind Style by Alexandriah. She’s a Fashion and Textile Design graduate who hopes to start her own womenswear line very soon. With her envious and inspirational sense of style, which I’m sure will translate into her designs, I can’t wait to see her debut collection. Alexandriah’s style is all about self expression, and depends on whatever mood she finds herself in. Today she can be classic chic and tomorrow she can be a total street style slayer.


Style by Alexandriah

Style by Alexandriah

Style by Alexandriah









There were so many great styles on her blog that I couldn’t include in this post, so you definitely need to check out her blog for major style inspo. You should also check her out on Instagram and Twitter.

What did you like most about Alexandriah’s style? First of all, can I say she has an amazing figure! She makes every outfit look good. Sound off in the comment section below or tweet me @Linda_LMExpose.

All photos are from Style by Alexandriah!