Kavita decided to launch Fashion Diaries by K after constantly being approached by strangers asking her where she got her outfits. She has always been in love with art since she was a little girl, and even after receiving dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Management she never lost her passion for art but instead decided to continue exploring it through fashion. She loves to artfully mix textures, colors, prints and shapes to create unique and edgy looks. Kavita doesn’t just pick up her bag and go shopping, she does an extensive research first on what she wants to buy then takes her time to come up with various innovative color combinations and styles. She basically knows how to get the best bang for her buck.

Style Crush Saturday is a weekly series on LME where I feature my favorite fashion lady of the week. My style crush is someone whose personal style gives me butterflies 🙂 Someone whose closet I would love to raid. Someone who knows how to make the most simplest outfit look like a Vogue editorial. This woman is confident, unique and a trendsetter.

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Fashion Diaries

Fashion Diaries

Fashion Diaries









Kavita’s style is clean, classy and sophisticated, and she knows how to mix her colors. For more outfit inspirations follow her on Instagram @fashiondiariesbyk. What do you think about her style? Sound off below or tweet me @Linda_LMExpose

All photos are from her blog.