Ra’Chell (pronounced Raquel) started It’s A Rocky World as a way to finally let her confidence shine through like the diamond she truly is. Growing up, she wasn’t the most fashionable and didn’t have the most confident. She struggled to feel beautiful because of her dark skin and allowed her fears to smother her creative spirit. But she finally found a way to turn her biggest fear into her passion and now wants to empower other women to do the same. As a fashion coach, Ra’Chell wants to help women who struggle to find something to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes. She wants to help women who struggle to match their image to their brand. And those women who struggle to find their authentic style. Are you one of those women? Struggle no more because Ra’Chell is here to help!


Her look is never complete without a stunning pair of sunglasses.




She has mastered how to pair and incorporate different colors and textures into her look.


Fashion coach

Ra’Chell’s style is fearless, daring and very relatable. Her confidence shines through in every look. She may not have thought she was fashionable growing up but she is definitely fashionable now and it doesn’t look like something she learned over the years, I think she was born with it. For more style inspirations, follow Ra’Chell on Instagram @itsarockyworld

All photos are from It’s A Rocky World