If you live in the Northeast then you’ve already experienced Winter Storm Juno, which forced public transportations in New York City to shut down last night. If you are lucky like some of us then you are off work today and probably curled up in your heated apartment binge watching Netflix shows. But if you are unlucky and happen to find yourself outdoors for whatever reason, I hope you are taking the necessary precautions to stay warm and cozy.

Whether you are spending the blizzard at home, at work or throwing snowballs in the park, these 6 must-have pieces will keep you warm and toasty.

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    • Steve Madden DREENCH – I own a pair of these. They are great for both rain and snow. They will keep your feet dry as you stomp through puddles and snow but for extra warmth, I will recommend wearing them with a thick pair of wool socks.
cold weather boots



    • Knit tube scarves – These are perfect under extreme cold weathers. They will keep your neck warm including your ears and mouth if pulled upwards. They are stylish and extremely comfy.
knit tube scarf



    • Faux fur gloves – If you want your hands to stay warm while you are out in this blizzard, I recommend a pair of faux fur gloves. They keep your hands warm much better than leather gloves. I own both leather and faux fur gloves but I wear the faux fur (H&M) when it’s extremely cold outside because it is the only pair that ensures my hands stay warm.
Faux fur gloves


    • Hooded puffer coat – You can’t get through winter without one of these. They are the perfect winter style when paired with your favorite gloves and boots.
Hooded puffer coats



    • Herringbone wool pants – These are the best work pants for winter, period. They are perfectly lined to keep you warm and comfortable.
Winter work pants - Herringbone



    • Wool tights – Best kind of tights for the coldest winter! You can wear them under jeans, skirts and dresses for total warmth.
Wool tights

How are you staying warm this period? Please share you must-have pieces with us in the comment section below or tweet me @Linda_LMExpose