After you have spent a lot of money during the holiday season buying gifts for almost everyone in your life at the original prices, then comes the end of season sales. The sale of all sale where almost every store is offering up to 80% off selected items. What do you do? If you are a fashion lover then you know this super sale is not to be missed. You will save a lot of money if you know exactly what to buy and what to pass up.

The huge discount may get you so excited that you start buying everything on first sight. The expenses will add up and then you end up not saving any money. Below I have listed 5 great tips that should help you get the best bank for your buck.

1. Buy Timeless Pieces – Instead of buying last season’s hot trends because of the huge discount, you should buy timeless trends that you can wear season after season.

2. Pay Attention to the Sale Tags – Most items on sale are final with no refund so be careful not to buy something you will end up not wearing and then not being able to return.

3. Always Compare Prices – It is a competition and all stores are trying to outdo each other. Don’t buy anything without comparing price with another store. If there are no similar stores around, use sites like  to find a better deal.

4. Take Advantage of Price Adjustment – Items you want may be out of stock during the winter sales. To avoid this, buy at least 13 days prior to winter sale. Some sales associates are usually kind enough to tell you when their sale starts if you ask nicely. Some retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Express and Banana Republic will allow a price adjustment within 14 days of purchase.

5. Invest in Statement Items – End-of-season sale is the best time to finally snap up few statement pieces like accessories you’ve been contemplating on buying since start of season but never had the budget.

What shopping guideline do you follow during winter sales? Share your tips in the comment section below.