Home decor is way up there next to fashion in my list of things I love. And when that home decor is inspired by Africa, I love it even more. I love everything about Africa, from the food and fashion to the music and rich culture. But then, this is expected because I am a proud daughter of the soil. Growing up in Nigeria, I admired the wooden pieces, like the face masks that hung on the wall of our living room and that of my friends. My idea of African home decor was only limited to the face masks, and it was not until I started going to flea markets, and checking out Instagram pages for inspiration that I discovered that there are no limitations to African home decor.

If you love to have a bit of culture in your home. You love telling visitors stories behind the unique pieces in your home. And you especially love having home decor pieces inspired by Africa; African inspired pieces go beyond the wooden giraffes and paintings. Then, you need to check out these 5 amazing home stylists and designers and follow their Instagram accounts.

Blueprint Africa by Nana Spio-Garbrah

Interior Culture by Obiageli

Reflektion Design Home Decor

Yinka Ilori

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Eva Sonaike

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