If you love food then you understand the importance of following fellow foodies on Instagram. Not only do they post recipes that force you to discover your hidden cooking skills they also post salivating food photos. You can’t be a serious foodie and not follow two or more foodie accounts.

There are many accounts that never fail to post my next best food to eat or cook, but below are my top 5 favorite for African foodies. These accounts are so good that whenever I see a new post from them I get the urge to run to my nearest African food store and buy all the ingredients I will need to recreate the food.

Even if you have never eaten African food before (You really should!) these accounts will educate you on many African cuisines and the traditional food of different African countries. They will also help you to make an informed decision when you finally decide to try African food.

Follow Dooney’s Kitchen for all your Nigerian food cravings

Aftrad Village Kitchen is your destination for Ghanaian food

If you need lesson on how to mix African and western ingredients you should definitely check out Ndudu by Fafa

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Follow Afropolitan Chef for all your African food recipes. She also has a cookbook

Somali Kitchen is your one stop destination for all Somali dishes

What other Instagram accounts do you follow for food recipes and inspirations? Please drop their handles in the comment section below.