Bottomless mimosa is the right and best way to do brunch. I love to brunch and luckily, I have a man and friends who also love to brunch. When I brunch, I always try to get my money’s worth by seeking out places that not only serve incredible food but also has bottomless mimosa. When I moved to NYC few years ago many of the restaurants offered bottomless mimosa as an option with their brunch menus as compared to the few that do now.

Harlem has a lot of great restaurants. And one thing I love most about living here is the diversity, not only based on the people but the food also. There are different kinds of restaurants here – French, Italian, Korean, Somali, Senegalese etc. If you are a foodie you will feel very much at home here. My love for food inspired me to seek out restaurants that do brunch with bottomless mimosas on Sundays.

My friends usually text me when they want to do brunch and ask where the best spots for brunch with bottomless mimosas are in Harlem. As someone who has lived here for some years now and looks for any reason to brunch, I believe I am qualified to make the list below. I am keeping the list short because I don’t consider every spot in Harlem as the best. I hope this will be useful to you when you decide to brunch in Harlem.


Lido has a lot of great choices on the brunch menu with bottomless mimosas to boot. Although, you can only enjoy your drink for two hours but if you are a fast drinker you are bound to get your money’s worth. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that it is always too crowded and you have to make a reservation ahead of time. There’s a long wait time if you fail to make a reservation and if you are unlucky, you may not even get a seat.

Bottomless mimosa



I came here for the first time two years ago for a birthday dinner celebration. I took a short look at their brunch menu with the bottomless mimosas option and made the decision to come again for brunch. The waiters here are extremely nice, very attentive and always quick to give you a refill before you even ask.

Bottomless mimosa

Bottomless mimosa

Lenox Saphire

If Sunday brunch was a religion, Lenox Saphire was my church. I used to brunch here religiously few years ago when it was the only brunch place I knew with bottomless mimosas. Majority of the waiters were friendly Africans who always made sure I got the best seat in the house and were generous with refilling my mimosa without me having to wait or ask. Their food is good too.

Hyacinth’s Haven

This is fairly new in Harlem compared to other restaurants mentioned. But that doesn’t mean they can’t compete with the oldies especially with their bottomless mimosa. Everyone here is nice – from the owner who is also the chef to the waiters and bartenders. The menu doesn’t have too many options but you are sure to have a great time.

Bottomless mimosa


I have only been here twice and I think I am due for another visit. I didn’t know they offered bottomless mimosa the first time I came here so imagine my shock and excitement when I found out. It’s a busy spot, great for hanging out with friends. Food is great and there are lots of options to choose from on the menu.

I know there are other brunch spots in Harlem with bottomless mimosa. Please list some of your favorites in the comment section below.