You have finally said farewell to relaxers and other harmful chemicals. Congratulations! You’ve got a lot of questions and you are confused about how to start this new journey.

Here are 5 great tips based on my experience that should make the journey a bit easier.

1. Stay away from blow dryers – Blow dryers strip moisture off your hair making it prone to breakage. Air dry your hair if possible or sit under a hood dryer. A hood dryer will diffuse the heated air circulating your hair leading to less damage. But a blow dryer will point the heated air directly at your hair causing more damage.

2. Leave your edges alone – The edges are the first to fall off when we over manipulate our hair. Excessive brushing especially when trying to lay the edges down can weaken them. Use your fingers instead of a brush. Tight braids and weaves can also damage the edges. When getting braids or weaves, leave the hair around your edges out and blend them in with a gel.

3. Comb with a wide tooth comb – But only when your hair is damp or in a conditioner. Combing your hair when dry will cause friction leading to breakage. If you can avoid using a comb, please do. You can detangle perfectly with your fingers.

4. Deep condition at least once a month – Do not wait till your hair is severely damaged to deep condition it. Deep conditioning will penetrate your hair shaft and restore its natural shine. It will moisturize and strengthen weakened hair.

5. Twist your hair before bedtime – If your hair is long enough for twists I advice you take the time to do at least two strand twists before hitting the sack. This will make a difference between your hair looking like an old mop in the morning and your hair looking refreshed, soft and easy to style. It is similar to relaxed ladies wrapping their hair at night. Both practices make it so much easier to manage and style the hair in the morning.

What other pieces of advice have you come across that proved quite useful? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet me @Linda_LMExpose.