The Harmattan season is upon folks in Nigeria and other West African countries. Are you using the right beauty products to protect your skin against it? Harmattan is a cold and dry wind with large amount of dust that blows over West Africa from November to March.

I reached out to my cousins and friends in Nigeria and they all agreed that these 5 beauty essentials will keep your skin luscious and radiant during this period.

Water – Drink lots of water. Your body gets easily dehydrated during this period. So, you must constantly drink water to stay hydrated.

Lip Balm – The lips are easily chapped and may lead to ugly blisters. Ensure to take your lip balm everywhere with you.

Body Scrub – This weather will cause your skin to be very dry. You need to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dry and dead skin cells that clog up your pores. Also invest in a good foot scrub as this weather can lead to excessive cracking of the feet.

Sunscreen – Your skin can get easily sunburned during this period. Apply your sunscreen daily.

Oils – Your skin, scalp and hair need oil to stay deeply moisturized. Use body oil before or after shower. Apply a mixture of your favorite oils to your scalp daily. I also suggest mixing these oils with water in a small spray bottle and use on your hair as often as needed. You can also do weekly hot oil treatments.

You can buy some of these products online at Jumia or at your local Shoprite.

Do you use any beauty essentials that were not mentioned? Please share your beauty tips and tricks with us in the comment section below.