Our hair battled lack of moisture and dryness in winter which demanded the use of heavy products that aided in moisture retention. But in spring, our hair faces a different kind of battle – high humidity and frizz. Natural hair tends to absorb excess moisture in spring which causes it to tangle and frizz. Some of the products that worked in winter may not work so well in spring

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Continue reading to find out 5 ways you can prevent your hair from frizzing over this spring.

Aveda Brilliant nti-humectant pomade

Use anti-humectant hair products – Do not use products that contain humectants (glycerin) as they will escalate the hair’s tendency to frizz. Use anti-humectant products; they will protect your hair and prevent it from frizzing over. There are different kinds out there to choose from but you can start off with Aveda Brilliant anti-humectant pomade, which is a hit among many naturals.

As I am Smoothing Gel

Use lighter gels – Lighter gels are your best option in spring because they will prevent your hair from absorbing too much moisture in the air and help your style to last longer. I recommend the As I Am smoothing gel. It is made with organic ingredients and smoothens the edges without drying it out. You can buy it at a beauty store near you or here.

Be mindful of chemical treatments – Chemical treatments like hair coloring can damage the cuticles and increase the porosity of your hair which will cause it to absorb excess moisture. I understand in spring the temptation to experiment with hair colors is real (I’m even considering it) but invest in temporary hair colors that can easily be washed off without causing damage to your hair.

SheaMoisture detangler

Detangle your hair – The extra moisture absorbed by our hair will cause strands to swell up leading to unnecessary knots and tangles. To prevent this, use moisturizing detanglers like SheaMoisture’s raw shea butter extra-moisture detangler to detangle your tresses.

Spritz your curls daily – The ultimate goal is to keep excess moisture out, but our hair still needs the right amount of moisture to keep the curls fresh and bouncy. To achieve this, use hair mist or spritz. They will revive your curls without leaving any residues or buildups.

What hair care routines have you embraced this spring to keep your curls free from frizz and tangles?

Image credit: Glenford Nunez