Thousands of women of color with their envious curls, locs and afros gathered on Saturday, July 15th at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY for the fourth annual CURLFEST organized by Curly Girl Collective. This was my first time ever attending the event even though CURLFEST has been held every year since 2014. Don’t ask me why it took me this long to finally attend because I don’t even know but I’m so glad I finally did. The event popped up on my Facebook timeline last month and I immediately contacted my girlfriends to make the necessary plans to attend.

When I arrived I joined my girlfriends on the early bird line which was extremely long that at some point I got scared that we might not get our bag of goodies. I must say the crowd was not effectively controlled because people were skipping line and walking straight to the ticket booth to get their goodie bags while the rest of us in front of the line waited. But we were lucky to speak to one of the organizers who was extremely nice and helped to check us in and finally gave us our gift bags and totes.

I didn’t get a chance to check what was in my gift bag but I checked immediately I got home and was very happy with the products.

Products in our gift bags

After getting our bags we mingled with the rest of the crowd and walked from vendor booth to vendor booth to get free samples 🙂

The free samples we got

There were so many beautiful and stylish women with different styles of natural hair. I was definitely convinced (not that I was never convinced before) that black women’s hair is the most versatile hair ever. We can wear our hair in braids, twists, locs, afros, straight etc. We are truly blessed. I definitely attended CURLFEST with my Nikon and was so excited to snap some of the gorgeous women I happened to meet. Below are some of the images I captured at this year’s CURLFEST. I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂