The favorite color this fall is burgundy and I’m loving the artistic ways some of my favorite beauty YouTubers are incorporating this color into their makeup looks. We are still in the middle of fall, the weather here in New York City is slowly but surely getting colder. Our skincare and beauty regimens are demanding serious attention and necessary tweaks to be in tune with the weather/season.

If you are a self-identified and damn proud of it beauty addict like myself then you spend most of your time on YouTube watching makeup tutorials. One thing I noticed from my binge watching was that almost every beauty blogger had some type of burgundy in their looks. Be it in their eyeshadow palette, lipstick or lip gloss. And I loved how each person gave their own artistic interpretation of the trend.

Below are video clips from 5 of my many favorite beauty YouTubers that slayed the burgundy makeup trend.

Jennifer Olaleye makes a convincing case why this color is perfect on the lips

Amor Antasia proves to us that Kylie Cosmetic burgundy palette looks great on a dark skin tone

Melly Sanchez slays in dark burgundy lippy

Sabina Hannan gives us another reason to wear burgundy on our lips this fall

Denitsa proves that you can’t go wrong wearing burgundy both on your eyes and lips