I met Jessica Obilom for the first time back in March during a mini vacation in the Poconos. All I could do was stare at her hair and how beautiful and healthy it looked. Being who I am and never missing an opportunity to approach and request to feature someone I admire, I asked if I could feature her on my blog and she agreed. We all went our separate ways and got busy with our lives. With her being a busy and successful actress there was no time to take a break and do my interview. But earlier this month, she contacted me out of the blues and told me she finally had time for my interview and I was so happy she did. I hope you enjoy and learn one or two things from her hair journey as much as I have.

How long have you been natural?

For a year now.

What made you decide to go natural?

It was actually an accident. I hadn’t gotten a perm in a very long time because I was just wearing my wig all the time. Then I realized that my permed hair was falling out. So rather than get a perm to try and reverse it, I decided to just cut off the rest. Two of my sisters were already natural, and my friend really wanted me to do it, so what the hell. I’m already half-way there. I might as well lol.

What is your experience so far as a natural?

I love it! At least now I do. At first it was difficult and I was just ready for it to hurry up and grow longer already. But then I was like, when next am I going to have a baby afro? I might as well milk it for what it’s worth while I have it. Because I doubt I will ever want to cut my hair again. So now that I’ve changed my perspective, I’m loving the baby afro look. I think it’s edgy and cute. And most people like me as a natural better, which is cool I guess haha.

Jessica Obilom

Please describe your natural hair texture/type.

I’m not hip to the textures and types of natural hair yet lol. I’m still a beginner. But my hair is very thick, semi-coarse I think? And I’ve got a baby afro. Unless if I do a twist-out and it’s a tad longer.

What are your favorite natural hair products and what have they done for your hair?

I am still trying to find the right products for my hair, but right now I enjoy Carol’s Daughter Monoi shampoo, conditioner, & hair mask set. I haven’t had any problems with it. They smell good, and my hair looks and feels pretty healthy.

I also enjoy using Lotta Body. I have their Moisturize Me Milk, Wrap Me Mouse, Style Me Setting Lotion, Love Me Creme, and their Shape Me Custard Gelee. They do what the bottle says they do, which is nice. I will most likely continue to use their products.

However, I am still looking for a product to use for my twist outs that doesn’t leave white flakes behind.

Describe your hair care regimen and reason behind it.

When washing, I pre-condition (pre-poo) my hair with coconut milk so that my hair doesn’t dry out too bad from the shampoo. I also use it to keep my hair soft. I drench it with the milk, cover it with a plastic cap, and leave it on for about an hour. You can sit under a dryer as well. After that, I wash and condition. And after that, if I’m not doing a twist-out, I do a LOC method on my hair: leave-in conditioner, oil (olive), and a cream. This keeps my hair moist for a few days. When I notice my hair starting to dry out, I just make sure to moisten daily.

Photo credit: Tim McBaj Visuals
Photo credit: Tim McBaj Visuals

What are your go-to natural hairstyles?

Simple twist out. And then I will pin it up all around so that my hair sits on top of my head. Or I will just pin the sides back, and leave the rest out. I am still learning styles haha.

Jessica Obilom

What advice do you have for new or old naturals hoping to grow their hair healthier?

I would suggest some type of pre-poo before washing. And to avoid putting heat on your hair at all cost. I haven’t put heat on my hair in maybe a year now.

Do you have a blog and/or social media page people can visit for more info?

Twittter – @oBLooMBLooM
Instagram – @obloombloom

Jessica Obilom

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