Natural hair exposé is a monthly feature on LME where I interview naturals both old and new to gain more insights on their natural hair journey, favorite products, hair regimen and advice for other naturals.

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For this month’s feature, I interviewed the very beautiful and talented Sesima. She’s a good friend and also a hardworking entrepreneur.

How long have you been natural?

3 years

What made you decide to go natural?

I got tired of my hair honestly! I wore extensions all throughout my life. The final straw came 4 years ago when I travelled to Liberia and got my hair done. I was like a kid in a candy store, only it was the hair salons. I had a new hairstyle almost every other week. After coming home and taking out my braids that’s when I realized the damaged had been done and the hair follicles surrounding my hairline were breaking off tremendously. Right then and there after I took out those braids I made a conscious decision to cut my hair. With the help of my current boyfriend at that time and cousin they shaved it all off. After that the rest was history.

What is your experience so far as a natural?

I can honestly say I love being natural! Seeing the many stages of hair growth is exciting. I get to learn about my hair. To be honest I feel and look more beautiful than I ever did when I wore extensions. Not saying that I did not feel beautiful when I had extensions but it’s hard to describe it. For example when I wore extensions I felt like a regular girl. However once I went natural I felt more liberated and carefree but most importantly it gave me my own identity. I think being natural is something you have to own. You get to show everyone the real you and to me I think that’s pretty fantastic.

Please describe your hair texture/type.

My hair texture is kinky curl (4c) but it has a Z pattern, which is less of a defined curl pattern.

What are your favorite hair products and what have they done for your hair?

I’m hooked on Tropic Isle Living Black Jamaican Castor oil! I love this product because I suffer from hair growth and the hair follicles surrounding my hairline is completely destroyed, when I started using Black Jamaican Castor oil I saw results within the first 5 months (I say 5 months because I was not consistent) not only is it great but it helps to stimulate hair growth. I also use it as a hot oil treatment but most importantly it freaking works, you just have to be consistent with it. Another great product that I love at the moment is My Wild Spirit Hair Oil, this product is absolutely amazing and I love that they promote strong thick hair growth for all hair types. The hair oils consist of all natural plant based formulas that help to hydrate, condition and soften your hair. The reason why I love the brand so much is because I believe in the product and I know the owner personally and I think she makes amazing products 🙂

Describe your hair care regimen and reason behind it.

I co-wash once or twice a week (it depends on how I’m feeling) and I deep condition once a week. I use shampoo once a month, but I always follow it with a super deep conditioning session. I am not loyal to any brands of conditioners or shampoos and I generally stay away from parabens and cones. However, I must admit I have been using Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner MASK and I love it. I recommend you try out a few conditioners and see which gives your hair the most life. Being natural is a process so be patient and get creative! Products I’ve tried are Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Shea Moisture, and Karen’s Body Beautiful. My staple “products” right now are water, conditioner, peppermint oil (for my scalp), coconut oil and caster oil. I usually follow with low blow drying and I seal with raw shea butter. However, being that it’s warm, I’ve retired my raw shea butter but I’ll pick it back up again during the winter when my hair needs a thicker sealant.

What are your go-to hairstyles?

As of this moment I keep my hair stretched out 85% of the time. Wash and go’s are my favorites unless I’m feeling frisky and want to try something new. I typically don’t. I personally love to wear my hair in curly styles. I do twist outs and braid out mostly because it keeps my hair stretched and it decreases single strand knots, and tangled hair. Also, because I love the texture of my hair in curls, especially big curls where you can still see the kinky of my hair as it’s spiraled into curls.

What advice do you have for new or old naturals hoping to grow their hair healthier?

Being natural is fun, however it can be a challenge. First thing first, start by getting to know yourself and your hair. When I first cut my hair I started by writing down a treatment plan for my hair. Try something simple, like writing down what you will and will not do to your hair. Secondly try by massaging your scalp rigorously morning and night with your fingertips it’s going to help stimulate your hair follicles and improve the circulation of blood to your scalp. Ladies please do not be afraid to trim your hair ends; this will help with removing split ends and ragged edges. Last but not least and I cannot stress this enough but you have to treat your body good. If you have a good diet and exercise regime, not only will your hair respond, so will your skin. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated!!
FYI Foods that are good for your hair include beans, fish, cheese, nuts and lots of vegetables and vitamins or supplements. All that I previously mentioned are very important. FYI Find out what works for you and stick to it!!!

Do you have a blog and/or social media page people can visit for more info?

I have a blog and I’m also the Founder and Creative Director of a fabulous Pan African Inspired brand of Home Fragrance candles spotlighting African, Caribbean and American cultures that I think everyone should check out. It’s called Cecret Candles, which are homemade by me with all natural ingredients in ecofriendly vegetable soy wax that’s grown by American farmers throughout the US, unrefined (GRADE A) shea butter imported from Liberia and top quality premium fragrances that is infused with essential oils and can be used on your skin as a massage candle leaving your skin feeling soft while invoking memories to last you a lifetime.

Check It out and you can follow me on my social media platforms:
Instagram – @sesima and @cecretcandles