We were told no trip to Montreal is complete without eating poutine, Quebec national food. On our last night in Montreal, I sent a text to my Canadian friend, Sandrine asking her for more suggestions on what to do and she suggested we eat poutine at La Banquise, a family owned restaurant that specializes in making over thirty different kinds of poutine. I wasn’t too fond of the idea because I was hoping for something more fun but she insisted that we must otherwise we would regret it because it is unheard of for anyone to visit Montreal and not eat poutine at La Banquise. We followed up with our host to get her opinion and she agreed with everything my friend said and insisted check it out. So, we gave in to peer pressure and luckily for us La Banquise was a short walk away.

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When we got to the restaurant, the waiting line was no joke. It was packed with regular customers and soccer fans who had just finished watching the USA vs Germany Women World Cup match – there are many team USA fans in Montreal. We patiently waited to be seated and then served. When the waitress brought our food, my first impression was “damn, that’s a whole lot of fries.” To put it mildly, poutine is fries and cheese with your choice of gravy.

I ordered the La Taquise – guacamole, sour cream and tomatoes.


And the man ordered the La Fred Caillou – ground beef, smoked meat and sausage.


They were very generous with the portion sizes and I was worried about the pounds I would put on if I dare finish my meal. Both meals were very good and delicious. Although, I liked his better than mine because of the meat.

I couldn’t bring myself to finish my food as good as it tasted. The fries were just too much for me.


But he had no problem finishing his.


Will I recommend poutine to anyone visiting Montreal? Absolutely! Will I eat it again next time? Maybe.

Have you eaten poutine before? What was your experience? Please share your thoughts below.