Happy New Year Everyone! I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for following and reading my blog. I launched La Mode Exposé on January 1, 2015, exactly one year ago today, and I am in awe of how much it has grown and will continue to grow all thanks to you, my awesome readers that believed in me and gave me a chance to have a voice. Starting this blog took a lot of confidence and dedication. I initially doubted my ability to write things you all will be interested in reading. I wasn’t sure I had what it took or even qualified to say anything about fashion. All I knew was that I loved fashion starting from back in my small town in Nigeria while being raised by my maternal grandmother. She was a sight to behold at every occasion. She instilled the love of fashion in me and that love has never left me since then.

Happy New Year

Moving to New York City from Houston three years ago gave me the confidence I needed to finally have my own platform to share with you all about my passion for fashion. In addition, my love for everything lifestyle ranging from home decor, food, natural hair etc. This journey has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I had the opportunity to meet and network with people I never would have if I wasn’t a blogger. I even attended New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, which has always been a dream come through, and I look forward to many fashion weeks in the future. I made new friends and built relationships that I hope to keep and maintain.

I initially thought of blogging as a hobby, something to do on the side when I have nothing else better to do to occupy my time. But everything I have done for my blog so far exceeds any hobby that I know of. I still have and love my full-time job, I can’t live without it actually, but I give my blog the attention and seriousness it deserves, and in this new year and beyond, I intend to give it even more time and publish more articles and post more photos taken with my camera.

I enjoyed every single experience I had as a blogger and I have you all to thank for it. Thanks for sticking with me since day one, reading my posts, liking and sharing my posts and following me on my social media pages. Thank you all for your unwavering support! May your 2016 be filled with joy, great memories and a fulfilled life.