Yes, you read it right, I am a 2017 bride to be! Some of you already know this and some don’t so I wanted to officially announce it on the blog so all my readers will know and follow me on this happy journey. I haven’t blogged for the past few weeks and I sincerely apologize. It’s really a lot when you work full time, take online course while also planning your wedding. I will try my best to update you all about some aspects of my wedding planning and journey, and may also share some videos. Although, my fiancé is not the video kind, he’s a shy one 🙂 but we will work something out.

Now, where am I on this journey, you ask? Well, I said Yes to the Dress back in April thanks to the amazing people at Kleinfeld Bridal especially Lisa and her intern, Joan. These two went above and beyond to help me and made sure I left the building with a dress. Also, thanks to my future sister-in-law Uju who went wedding dress shopping with me. Based on the shopping experiences of other brides, I must say I am a very lucky bride because Kleinfeld Bridal was the only wedding store I visited and I found the perfect dress the same day. So, I have found my wedding dress, which is also the most important, what’s next?

bride to be

Luckily, we are working with an incredible wedding planner who also happens to be my fiancé’s sister, Ijeoma and she’s providing her topnotch services free of charge. We have secured a venue and currently booking vendors. We have our engagement session in few days and my fiancé and I will check out some stores later today for few items we need for the shoot. We are also getting ready to travel home to Nigeria for our traditional wedding. Thanks to my mother, aunts and uncles who have done everything within their power to ensure our traditional wedding is lit 🙂 My mother was in charge of buying all the asoebi as well as my fabrics and she did a phenomenal job. I was in Houston few weekends ago to pick up my fabrics.

bride to be

Traditional wedding always happens at the woman’s home or whatever venue her family chooses but the burden of planning usually falls on the woman’s family. The man and his family also plans especially in ensuring they get every item on the bride list 🙂 I am from Imo State in Nigeria so if you’re Nigerian you already know Imo State bride list/price has no rival lol.

The wedding planning has been stress free so far, thank God. Everyone keeps asking me how I’m holding up and if I’m a bridezilla. I’m holding up pretty fine and very far from a bridezilla. I’m very vocal about what I want or don’t want for the wedding and I consider my fiancé’s wants too. We don’t choose anything unless we both agree on it. He’s quite vocal too and very much involved in the wedding planning.

What have I learned so far as a bride to be? I’ll say having a good support system and being on the same team as my fiancé no matter what life throws at us have been very helpful in keeping my head above waters. This journey hasn’t been easy. There has been disagreements, expenses that creep up on you, change in venue/location and having to start afresh with planning. But overall, knowing that I have people who want the best for me and a fiancé who is willing to climb the highest mountain for our love has helped me to focus only on what matters most. And having a mother-in-law who treats me just like her daughter and sisters- and brother-in-law who have embraced me as their sister is really enough to make me happy and stress free.

I will share more about the planning as we move along on this journey. Are you a bride to be? What has been your experience so far? Please share with us in the comment section below.