I didn’t realize a lot of men struggle with bow tie until few years ago when my fiancé and I were on vacation in Washington DC. On our last night, we decided to do a formal date night. He came with his bow tie, although he didn’t know how to tie it but he had high hopes that he would see some people in our hotel that could help. Date night came and we searched high and low for help, no one could. We even went to the street to ask strangers (we were desperate) but none of the men we stopped admitted they could tie a bow tie. Majority claimed they buy the pin-up. Hmmm! After that uneventful night we swore we would both learn how to tie a bow tie.

On weekends we like to walk around New York City (when the weather is nice) and do some window shopping. So, on this fateful day, we went to the shopping mall at Columbus Circle, walked inside one of his favorite shops (Thomas Pink) and asked one of the associates for help. He was more than happy to teach us and I must say I was a fast learner.

Do you struggle with your bow tie and wish you knew how to tie it yourself? Maybe as a girlfriend, wife, partner you wish you knew how to help your man with his bow tie and save him the embarrassment of having to ask random strangers for help? Well, this video is for you!